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Explore Past Success Stories: Influencer Campaign Showcase

Welcome to our Influencer Campaign Showcase, where we proudly highlight the impactful collaborations between influencers and brands on Flymedia. Discover the magic that happens when creativity meets influence, as we showcase some of our most memorable campaigns.

OMI Dating App Campaign

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-07 at 11.31.09.jpg
No. of Views: 2,300,000
Total Engagement: 107,278
Engagement rate: 4.6%
No. of Videos: 1
vei qhen_edited_edited.jpg
No. of Views: 2,300,000
Total Engagement: 4856
Engagement rate: 0.88%
No. of Videos: 2
Screenshot 2023-08-31 233830.png
No. of Views: 490,400
Total Engagement: 15,200
Engagement rate: 3.1%
No. of Videos: 1
WhatsApp Image 2024-02-05 at 6.03.23 AM.jpeg
No. of Views: 4,300,000
Total Engagement: 234,037
Engagement rate: 5.4%
No. of Videos: 1
flymedia - nari_edited.jpg
No. of Views: 971,700
Total Engagement: 13,841
Engagement rate: 1.42%
No. of Videos: 1
flymedia influencer.png
No. of Views: 277,600
Total Engagement: 5,590
Engagement rate: 2.01%
No. of Videos: 1
No. of Views: 2,500,000
Total Engagement: 27,724
Engagement rate: 2.2%
No. of Videos: 1
Flymedia influencer .png
No. of Views: 981,200
Total Engagement: 5,402
Engagement rate: 0.55%
No. of Videos: 1

HAO Foods Campaign

vei qhen_edited_edited.jpg
No. of Views: 421,296
Total Engagement: 21,508
Engagement rate: 5.1%
No. of Videos: 10
WhatsApp Image 2023-04-07 at 11.31.09.jpg
No. of Views: 149,600
Total Engagement: 12,918
Engagement rate: 8.63%
No. of Videos: 1
covan image.png
No. of Views: 25,000
Total Engagement: 1,798
Engagement rate: 7.1%
No. of Videos: 2
xin hui image.jpg
No. of Views: 12,000
No. of Videos: 1
Total Engagement: 529
Engagement rate: 4.4%
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