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About Us

Elevate Influence, Redefine Collaborations

Welcome to Flymedia, the dynamic platform where creativity meets collaboration. At Flymedia, we believe in empowering both influencers and brands to redefine the landscape of digital partnerships. Our platform is designed to help bring together authentic content creators and visionary companies, creating a space where innovative campaigns flourish. Flymedia provides a unified platform for influencers to explore tailored campaign opportunities and for brands to discover the perfect creative partners for their brands, all in one centralized space. Whether you're an influencer ready to soar to new heights or a brand seeking authentic connections, Flymedia invites you to join our movement. Download our app now, and let's embark on a journey where creativity knows no bounds, and collaborations reach unprecedented heights.


Our Vision

At the core of Flymedia is a vision to revolutionize the way influencers and brands connect. We envision a world where every collaboration is a seamless blend of creativity, authenticity, and impact. By fostering genuine connections, we aim to elevate the digital marketing experience for both influencers and brands, unlocking new heights of success.

Meet The Team

Flymedia is more than a platform; it's a community driven by passion, creativity, and collaboration. Get to know the faces behind the brand, and join us on this exciting journey where every influencer and brand story is celebrated.

Dean's picture_edited_edited.jpg
Dean Cheng
shannon flymedia pic.jpg
Shannon Foo
Talent Manager
Leonard Flymedia_edited.jpg
Leonard Chua
Cheryl Flymedia.jpg
Cheryl Cheong
Talent Associate

Our Clients

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